About Magazine (ENG)

«ELITE. Area of interior»

The glossy monthly life-style magazine represents the elite part of interior market. The magazine «ELITE. Area of interior» is a unique publishing product which tells monthly in its articles about some innovations of the interior world.

The publication is for very exacting consumer, professional and talented architects, designers, decorators and the main figure in the interior market – manufacturer for the high level interiors.

Making focus on the interior subjects, the magazine shows the variety and the dynamics of apartment houses’ interior, reflects the latest tendencies of the interior design and introduces its most outstanding representatives to the reader. The magazine pages always introduce product range and news from the world-wide known brands, latest achievements of famous designers, which will be interesting for those readers who are working out the design of their private interior.

The purpose of this excellently illustrated edition is detailed, relevant and wide information about important events and outstanding phenomenon of the interior world and also about the most famous and outstanding persons in the professional design sphere. Using all the possible sources of information (the leading international companies’ news, the best projects of famous architects and designers, the interviews with professionals and VIP-persons), the editors monthly creates a unique media product reflecting, as a mirror, the superior elite part of the wide world of interior.

The reader will find detailed and convincing examples for the creative manner for the interiors, which are for both luxurious and practical. There are many beautiful photos and original articles in the magazine. They will fetch the emotions from the masters of the described items.
This is «ELITE. Area of interior» magazine.